YES! We want to sponsor you to further your education!

Simply make a feedback video like these women below and we'll send you a $100 coupon!

So here's the deal...

If you can create a “review and thoughts" video about your experiences with any of our programs, send it to our team, we will reward you with a $100 coupon.

(Yes, it has to be video, and of course we would need your permission for us to share this video and use it in our marketing and communication to our readers.)

This $100 coupon can be used for ANY of the programs we have ever produced or will produce in the future.

This very special coupon will be personalised to you and will NEVER EXPIRE. It’s our way of thanking you for sharing your valuable story and feedback.

Here’s how you can go about creating this video…

1) You can use your smartphone, or your computer webcam, and shoot a quick video (no editing required). Go for as long or as short as you’d like. (2-4 minutes seems to be a sweet point.)

2) Talk about the value that our programs and our teachings have given you, and how it has helped your life. Out of ten, how would you rate the program? What you loved most about the program? What were some of the biggest insights and takeaways for you?

(You're welcome to make it personal, share your stories with us, it’s your stories that inspire and give others hope.)

3) Upload this video to Youtube, or dropbox or any other platform. And send us the link.

By the way, we don’t want you to talk highly about the program if you found no value in it. We want you to give your honest feeling and review of it because we appreciate the good as well as the not so good. (And so will others.)

Not all programs are for everyone in every situation, and I understand that. So if you have any constructive feedback, I’d love to hear that too.

Once you have made the video, uploaded it, and sent in the link, we will immediately send you the coupon. (And with recommendations of which program you should take next if you wish.)

It's a good idea to NOT send the video itself through email as video files are incredibly large! That's what Youtube was made for.

You can send the video link to our helpdesk (Click here for our helpdesk)... and make the subject line: "My Feedback Video for Renee & David".

We really can't wait to see your video… but regardless, we wish you all the best!

Our Wall of Feedback

Our members love us and we love our members. Here's a collection of video feedback from our customers... (and YES! We would LOVE to feature you here too and be an inspiration to other women. Please send in your feedback video for either our work in general or for one or more of our programs.)