Understanding Men

Did You Complete the Homework from Day 1?



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  • Joan

    May 16, 2014

    Thanks, I wasn’t so sure how to do the movie star one I’m not really like that. But I found 3 anyway and I kinda got some help here.

    • Prudence Shaw

      June 19, 2016

      Hello – well i already practiced some of the lessons from Sessions 1 and 2. I had told my man in email that i cried becaue i hadn’t heard from about me becoming vulnerable on a certain point. He wrote back right away and said he had been out on an oil rig and proceeded to answer my very emotional state – very very satisfying response from him – after your Lessons 1 and 2. i realize he was out being the “hunter” on an oil rig influencing the Exxon Mobile regular workers, OR absorbing messages from them ( my man is definintely alpha male.. ) and i commented on this and how it made me feel and how focuse dand incisive he was on the rig, and when he ‘returned’ Home” how focuses and incisive and even emotional he was with me… Then today i sent him 3 more messages.. we write a lot to each other – he is working in Africa and im here at home in Dc and. umm he wrote positively a book back and talked on and on about how ‘submissive’ – his shorthand for my behavior to him which eh positively wants and wants and wants and wants to make sure it is the real me and he believes it is the real me! smile im learning and appying these lessons as i go, im pretty good about identifying feelings and being open on them with him.. and but your lessons are helping me further. and i think it will be to great effect! I am quite an accomplished woman myself, but not an alpha woman who wants to order others around.. so.. but i feel for the first tiime, in my life this one could be a ‘real ‘ realtionship and one that is satisfying to my very core, and pershaps. his..

  • Charlene Wong

    August 10, 2014

    I wrote down the qualities from male cartoon characters instead since I’m an animation lover don’t often watch movies or TV dramas with live actors in them or follow living celebrities. I hope that generates the same kind of results this exercise is trying to create.

    • Rayane Heddar

      October 11, 2017

      HAHA i feel you girl <3 i'm happy i'm not alone with this lol

  • Angela

    April 23, 2016

    Thought provoking video, very insightful writing down beliefs has helped me acknowledge pattern of thoughts, more aware of the little subtle positive actions men take not only work environment, but within extended family.

  • Fazela Fazal

    November 29, 2017

    The day 1 video of understanding men. My history with men. I only had 1 relationship that was when I was married and it was not good. It is because I got married early at 21 at did not know about compatibility, what to look for in a man and never had a boyfriend before I was married.
    For years I was waiting for my prince charming. I now realize life does not work like that. I am a single mom of 3 boys. I find that men don’t want women with kids and they don’t want older women. They just want women that is younger than them.
    I am a loving woman. I love my friend and he knows but he does not tell me how he feels. We talk a month ago on the phone.I send text and call many times and he does not reply. I want to know if it is a good thing to tell a guy you care about him. I have been vulnerable and open with my feelings. I want him to see my value. It is hard not to text or call. I don’t want to act needy or desperate. I want to show up as High value high status. I want him to pursue me and ask me out. Men in the past did not want a relationship they just want to be with me for sex and I said no. I want a loving long lasting relationship

    Please tell me what to do Renee and Shen

    • D.Shen

      December 6, 2017

      Don’t lose hope Fazela. Men don’t just want younger women… they want women whom they are able to feel emotional attraction for. There is a lot to learn about men, about love and attraction, so you are on the right path. Just remember that the more you understand, the better your situation will become. Don’t lose hope.