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Love can be a very confusing place to be. It's easy to lose your sense of self inside a relationship. Our hope is that you will find clarity and new awareness through this very special report.

Our hope is for you to find a new place of strength, confidence and self love through this report.

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P.S. Because we touch on the topic of abuse in our work, we must make this absolutely clear... If you're in a situation that you feel threatened or abused in any way, we advise that you get help, ideally professional help. Find family support or talk to someone you really trust. The quicker you can do this, the better your outcome will be.

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We can all learn from each other’s experiences because the best gift we have is each other.

Please share with all of us your story and what you hope to learn inside this report…


  • Anna C

    November 24, 2016

    This is to all the women out there…

    I’ve been a committed reader of Renée and David’s for almost 4 years. All my life I’ve been obsessed with love, romance and relationships and this has been the first time, through diligent reading of the articles and programs, that I finally understand… it all comes down to loving yourself 100%.

    When I met Renée and David, I was in a relationship with a guy I truly thought was The One, and I stuck with him despite all the pain, because I thought that he was “worth it” and somehow we were meant to be together and all of the pain he put me through was to help me grow. That’s… partially right. I did grow… right out of him…

    The reason I had stayed so long is that I was playing into that Law of Atracción BS where if you imagine something and act like you have it, it’s yours. I wanted him to be my husband, and therefore I saw him only as my husband, and I had the belief that you never leave your husband, no matter what.

    No matter if he tells you to get Peychaud bitters from the liquor store and you don’t know what that is, and the store owner also does not know what that is and tells you that it’s probably this bottle, and you bring the bottle home to your man after braving traffic and paying for it, and he yells at you until you cry because he thinks you’re an “idiot” for not knowing what that is. Or if he doesn’t text you for days because you texted him anxious about not responding to his text, until you throw a coffee mug against the wall because you are all alone and frustrated and scared he doesn’t love you because he never texted you back, or even worse, texted you a mean message telling you to back off. No matter if he says that he can’t marry you for some reason, but wishes he could, and can’t tell you why. No matter if he says all food cooked for him must come from Whole Foods and that my car I own nothing on is crappy and I should get a new car… when I hardly had enough money to pay my loans. Instead of leaving him, I sought to understand him, vía Renee and David’s programs…. this turned out to be a valuable investment and I’ll tell you why later…

    To the women out there, half of you are probably saying “what an idiot! It’s obvious that guy is not for her!” And the other half is saying “I’ve totally been there! How do I get out?”

    Because this guy was so difficult, it drove me to invest in these programs, and R&D are always so grateful for all of us, and because of the daily reading and working on her videos, I became the empowered woman I am today.

    One day I woke up and said, hey, my boss treats me better than my boyfriend! He’s more trustworthy, attentive and insightful. There is something wrong here. Once I became that high value woman, I was visible to other high value men… and when they treated me well, with no expectations, just pure love…. it feels like a whole other dimension.

    I left him, and only afterward, I realized how lucky I was to get out… he did not have my best interests at heart…. but it probably wasn’t his fault; he didn’t know. He said he was grateful that I taught him to be nicer.

    I found a wonderful guy. Who always texts me, and loves to text me. Who worships and adores me. Who says he will marry me and follows through. Who never gets angry if I don’t know what something is, and is happy with whatever I cook him, but honestly thinks I’m a great cook (I got that from the fear of getting yelled at from the other guy, I became a great cook, and now my man is benefiting)… he’s the best thing that ever happened to me, because he’s the gift who keeps giving. That’s what we should all be too, giving value.

    In US, we just elected Donald Trump. People are complaining that he says one thing, then another, and we can’t keep track of what is going on, and he leaves us in a state of confusion. I smiled, because that was my old relationship, and I knew just what to do: don’t listen to the words, pay attention to the actions. I learned that from my last relationship: “I can’t get married.” “I was waiting until you wanted to have 5 kids even though when we met you said you wanted no kids before we got married.” “I see myself marrying you… but I can’t right now, I’m not good enough.” “You never invited me to see your parents so I assume you are not serious about me.” (Even though I invited him every time and he said no). Gaslighting all over the place…. Donald Trump seems easy 🙂 the actions were, 4 years together with no movement. The actions were, never meeting my parents or allowing me to travel home with him. The actions were, calling me an idiot, spoiled (when he’s the one who wants Whole Foods and I shop at Walmart ), calling me names, not texting, not communicating. Actions trumps words with these guys.

    Despite this long Meadow Report, the point of the story is: if I hadn’t been in that awful relationship, I wouldn’t have sought out R&D, and I wouldn’t have grown, and I wouldn’t have learned to love myself and become high value, and I wouldn’t have met my King. Thank you Renée and David. Blessings always. When we get married, I will send you pictures.

    • Nena

      May 23, 2017

      What a beautiful story!i wish you the best!!!

  • Nena

    June 1, 2017

    So,this is my comment!

    This a great post,written form the heart as always!truth is,not only do we stick to mediocre or fake romantic relationships,but also to fake male friends or girlfriends!or at least,this is my case!!!i refuse to compromise for a romantic relationship but since i am so afraid of loneliness (just like every other human being ) i do not set clear boundaries and let people take andvantage of me or use me in any way they like.examples:
    -fake girlfriend:borrowed money,clothes,shoes and anything she could-result:she accused me of playing on line with her boyfriend,whom i have never met!
    -fake malefriend:he declared every time we met,to everyone, his love for me and i let him do it because i didn t want to dissapoint him so that i could keep him around/result:he called me stupid in a loud voice,in a bar,loudly enough so that everyone could listen,because i cannot understand his love for me
    -fake malefriend:he complimented me in a vulgar way and i let him because i wanted to keep him around/result:he touched my belly in front of lots of people

    The above list could be endless!thank god,days before i read this article i let all those people go their own way and far far away from me!for all the reasons Reene described and for 1 more:imagine the man of my life walk in the places above at the time when people swear at me,accuse me of man stealing, or touch me!!!