Attraction Control Monthly

Platinum - Volume 5

Ahhh… you’ve made it to Month 5 of Attraction Control Monthly!

Have you ever felt like you’ve been taken for granted by someone? Perhaps someone in a relationship?

If you are like most of us, you probably have felt this at some point.

And here’s what most people don’t know… the reason why we get taken for granted by others, especially in our relationship, is because we are showing up as a low value low status individual.

Because the moment we show up as low status low value, it is literally like an unspoken invitation for others to treat us as a low value person.

So this month, I want to share with you a make or break idea, not just for your love life, but it will benefit your life in general.

I want to teach you to become a high status high value woman, no matter how badly people have treated you in the past.

I believe you deserve this and I believe you can show up in your life like a celebrity.

In fact, when you make that transition to become high status high value, not only men will find you mysteriously attractive, other women will look up to you and want to befriend you.

This is exactly what we will teach you in this volume of Attraction Control Monthly.

Here’s why I believe this is so IMPORTANT to you…

Because here’s something you have to always remember and never forget. If you are high value high status woman, then men will automatically find you irresistible regardless of how physically attractive you are or how radiant or not you are.

This is because men are automatically hardwired to seek out women who have high value and high status, and the women that other men want.

So regardless of whether you’re in a relationship right now, or your single and dating men, it is important to learn to always be a high value, high status woman, and not someone who is of low value and low status.

Everything you do, you should portray high value.

Even when you make mistakes, you should make them in a high value way.

I honestly believe that you’ll love this volume, so download it below right now and become your own celebrity!

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Oh, yes, another volume of Private Thoughts! Just as a gift from the both of us!

Attraction Pebbles

Episode 5 - Verbal Gestures to Capture His Heart

Attraction Control Insights

Insights From International Experts & Coaches

Episode 5 - Steve  Nakamoto

This month, our interview for Attraction Control Insights is with author and expert Steve Nakamoto.

Steve has helped hundreds and thousands of women discover the secret to the male psyche when it comes to romantic relationships.

He has appeared on over 250 radio and television talk shows, and he’s the recipient of not just one, but two Writer’s Digest International Book Awards. But best of all, he is such a genuine and generous man.

So we think you will love this interview, go ahead and download it below.

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See you next month...

So go ahead and download all that.

We really hope you enjoy all the great information we put to you.

It’s been our pleasure to put it all together for you, and we hope you take pleasure in digesting all the new information!

One last thing, you don’t want to miss the next volume of Attraction Control Monthly.

Next month we will talk about the 8 different feminine roles that attract and allure men.

Did you know that there are different feminine roles that would attract different men?

Some feminine roles would attract a very intelligent man, some would attract a more reliable man, and some would attract a more fun loving, carefree man.

In fact, I’ve discovered 8 feminine roles or archetypes that men are generally attracted to. (And attracted to for different reasons) However, not all roles are created equal.

Some of them, you may want to avoid, as you may attract men who are NOT right for you. So this is why next month, we will talk about “The 8 Feminine Roles To Allure & Attract Men”.

This is very exciting for us to share, and I really think you will love it. So stay with us, and we look forward to seeing you here again next month!

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