Attraction Control Monthly

Basic - Volume 7

Hi there!

Welcome to volume 7 of Attraction Control Monthly, and well done, you’ve made it all the way to this month!

Now, this month we’re going to talk about Eliminating Insecurity and Escalating Confidence with Men.

Is this important?

You bet it is! Without some sort of confidence, you will never find a man who will appreciate you to the fullest extent, you will never be attractive or mysterious to a man, and you will always struggle to get a man’s full attention over other women..

But the problem is that we all have insecurites. All of us, even the celebs, even the physically gifted or the popular. We all have insecurites. So in this volume of Attraction Control Monthly, we will discuss how to eliminate insecurity and instead, boost your confidence so that you will attract passion and love into your life.

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We really hope you enjoy all the great information we put to you.

It’s been our pleasure to put it all together for you, and we hope you take pleasure in digesting all the new information!

One last thing, you don’t want to miss the next volume of Attraction Control Monthly. Next month we will talk about how to keep a man fascinated with your dark and light feminine energy. That’s right, there’s more than just one dimension to the feminine energy.

There’s dark and light. The problem is that sometimes women get stuck in one role and forget that the other one existed, and therefore falling into the trap of only being a one dimensional woman.

It is critically important for you to understand this dynamics between dark and light feminine and so stay with us, and we look forward to seeing you here again next month!

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