Attraction Control Monthly

Basic- Volume 6

Welcome to volume 6 of Attraction Control Monthly, and congratulations for making it to the sixth month.

Now, this month we’re going to talk about The 8 Feminine Roles That Attract & Allure Men.

Because there are specific roles that really attract men, and there are specific roles that repel men.

(And I really think it’s important to know the difference and learn the distinctions)

In fact, there are specific roles you can take that would attract a certain type of men over another.

It’s just like if you go fishing and you throw in salmon bait, guess what you’ll attract? Salmon of course. But if you throw a different bait in, you’ll attract a totally different fish!

In fact, when I discovered these 8 feminine roles or archetypes that men are generally attracted to, I realised that these roles are very different from each other.

Just like men come in different roles and archetypes.

Some types of men you will find automatically more attractive than others… (I’m sure you can think of some examples in your head already!)

So I believe it’s important for you to know what roles you are showing up as, and what roles you need to show up as, in order to attract a man that YOU truly want!

And in this volume of Attraction Control Monthly, we’ve listed down and thoroughly described the 8 best feminine roles to attract and allure the best types of men into your life.

Enjoy the read, we loved putting it together for you, and I’m sure you’ll going to love it!

See you next month...

So go ahead and download all that.

We really hope you enjoy all the great information we put to you.

It’s been our pleasure to put it all together for you, and we hope you take pleasure in digesting all the new information!

Let’s talk privately for a moment…about insecurities…

We’ve all had them, even the best of us. Perhaps it’s insecurities in your looks, in how you appeared in front of others? Insecurities in your relationship maybe?

Or perhaps a moment where you didn’t feel so confident? We’ve all had the feeling before, but some of us live in that space of insecurity more often than others.

And this sometimes can wreck havoc in your life, especially in dating, and especially in attracting men. Men are not attracted to insecurities… just like women are not attracted to men who are insecure. Now I know we are all told that confidence is sexy… but we are almost never told on how to become more confident.

People don’t seem to have an answer to that.

So this is why next month, we are going to tackle probably the single biggest issue women have about dating and relationships… And I’m talking about “insecurities”. – How to turn insecurities into confidence with men… So stay tuned… we have some real great stuff for you in the next few months! We’ll talk soon!

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